New Thing #3 – Make Cotton Candy

It’s Christmas and “Santa” brought me a wonderfully wrapped gift.  I tear open the paper and shout, “Yay!  My very own cotton candy maker!”  You’re probably picturing an 8-year old girl opening the present wide-eyed and grinning! Except I wasn’t 8, I was 24.  My Mom knows I’m just a big kid at heart and gets me some of the best presents, like my snow-cone maker that I use regularly (it makes amazing margaritas).  Yet somehow, because I lived in a different state and moved several times, the cotton candy machine sat unused in the back of a closet.  Until now!  I finally cleaned out that closet, found the cotton candy maker and decided to whip up my very own batch of spun sugar! 

As you can see from the picture, it’s a small table-top machine.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use – just pour in a teaspoon of regular sugar and out come the spider webs of deliciousness!  It did take a while to warm up and cool down, but it made the cotton candy in less than a minute!  Because of the shape and size, I wasn’t able to make a huge pouf of candy floss around the paper cone like you normally get at a fair or a ball game. But it still tasted the same!  The stringy, delicate texture that melts in your mouth was still the same too!  Next time, I’ll use some colored sugar to make it pretty! 

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’m considering adding some cotton candy to my morning routine.  The morning sugar high would wake me right up! And I think my day would be much better if I started it off with such a delightful treat!  It might not be the most exciting new experience, but I think it’s a unique one.  Everyone has eaten cotton candy, but how many of you have actually made it?  It’s my 3rd New Thing and I only have 27 more to go!

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