New Thing #7 – Extend Barre Class

Since yoga wasn’t my favorite workout, I decided to try an Extende Barre class at Pilates of Boynton Beach (  The first thing I wanted to know when I got to the class was how to pronounce it.  Is it barr-ay with an accent on the e?  Is it barr-ee?  Turns out, it’s pronounced just like where I go on Friday nights – bar!  🙂

The whole point of me doing these new things is to find new things I like doing and to possibly find out new things about myself.  I did discover something about myself in this class – that I am not graceful.  At all.  As the class started, the instructor told us to start in “first position”.  Since I’ve never taken a dance or ballet class, I didn’t know what that was. It wasn’t hard to follow along at first and pick up the lingo quickly, but it was hard not to look ridiculous while doing the ballet moves.  And being in a room surrounded with mirrors, it was tough not to see how ridiculous I looked.

Even though I’m not the most graceful, I really enjoyed the class.  It was a tough workout!  I was sweating within 5 minutes and it really worked your whole body – arms, legs, abs, & butt!  It left me with that great sore feeling the next few days  I will definitely do it again!  You should try it too!

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