New Thing #9 – Chick-Fil-A For Breakfast

I know what you’re thinking…Chick-Fil-A is not something new!  The restaurant itself is not new to me.  I love their chicken sandwiches!  And it always seems like I crave them on Sundays when they are not open!  But this time, it was a Saturday morning and I needed breakfast.  I had no idea that they even served breakfast!  My friend convinced me to go and it was delicious!  I had these mini chicken sandwiches that tasted amazing!  It was just bread and chicken and honey, but the simplicity didn’t hinder the taste!  It might not be the most interesting new thing I’ve done this year, but it’s definitely one that will be repeated!  I’m so glad I discovered Chick-Fil-A breakfast!  I will be chowing down on those little sammies again for a breakfast in my near future!

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