New Thing #14 – Ham Beer

I already wrote about the pigs head meat that I ate at Cask & Larder in Orlando.  I had another pig-related first there as well.  I tried Ham Beer.  Cask & Larder brews many different beers on premises and I tried quite a few of them.  But my new experience was drinking a beer called Hammer Time.  First off, I love the name of the beer!  I usually enjoy any reference to MC Hammer himself or his music, so I knew I had to try this beer.  The description calls it a “mild-smoked beer made with country ham” with 5.2% alcohol.  So I had no choice but to try it out, and it was….disgusting!  It tasted salty and the aftertaste of ham was not pleasant.  Definitely a thumbs down!  I guess it just goes to show that not all parts of the pig are meant to be brewed with beer.  Bacon beer – good.  Ham beer – bad.

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