New Thing #16 – Zumba

I’m too set in my ways of working out, so I needed to branch out and try some new workouts.  I”ve tried yoga and an extend barre class and yesterday I tried Zumba.  It was a fun, fast-paced hour that really got me sweating, but having a good time.  I went to Pilates of Boynton Beach, and the instructor was fantastic.  It amazed me how she could keep a smile on her face and talk to us while doing all the routines!  It was a little strange because it was a very small class; there were only 2 of us there.  I felt a little self-conscious at first, but I got into it after a few minutes.  The advantage of such a small class is that we were able to take some time and learn some of the steps that we had difficulty with.  Much like the barre class I took, it was evident that I’m not very graceful.  I used to think i was decent, but going to this class made me realize that I am a terrible dancer!  My body just did not look right doing some of the salsa and latin moves.  I picked up pretty well on the hip-hop moves though.  I would definitely do Zumba again.  It seems like it would be a fun workout with some of your friends!

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