New Thing #17 – Clean Up The Beach

While picking up litter is not a new experience for me, doing it voluntarily is.  🙂  I woke up this morning and went to help out with a group called Sand Sifters (  They go out the first Saturday of each month and pick up garbage and litter on the beach in Boyton.  It was a larger group than I thought it would be – there were probably at least 40 people!  I started by doing a quick tour with one of the park rangers where I learned about some indigenous plants and found out how destructive Hurricane Sandy was last week to our shorelines in Florida.  We lost about 40 feet of beach in Boynton!  Then I just put my iPod in and walked the beach for a few hours picking up trash.  I filled about 1/2 a garbage bag full just by myself.  I saw groups with multiple bags full!  It’s really quite sad how much trash gets washed up on the beaches!

I think the point of including this in my new experiences is that there are plenty of ways for you to volunteer your time, money, or efforts and make a small difference (or a big one!) in the world.  It was a wonderful way to spend my morning – walking along the beach and making it more beautiful than it already was!  So find something that you enjoy and find a way that you can make it better for others.  And don’t litter!!!!

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