New Thing #19 – Make Creme Brulee

I wanted to learn how to make a dish that seems complex and fancy.  The fact that creme brulee involves a torch was the deciding factor.  I bought a small set that included ramekins and the torch.  I looked up the recipe and it really isn’t a difficult dish to make – just four ingredients.  Four very unhealthy ingredients!  But I wanted to indulge, so I made it!  It did take a while to make because it has to cool for several hours and then set out at room temperature before carmelizing the sugar.  But other than that it was quite easy!  I must say, however, that the texture was great and the torch was fun to use, but it was super sweet!  I don’t remember other creme brulees that I’ve had being so sweet.  I’ll have to figure out a way to fix that the next time I make it.  Now I have a fancy dessert I can make for my next dinner party!

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