New Thing #20 – Pilates

To finish up my new workout circuit at Pilates of Boynton Beach, I took a pilates class.  I took the pilates mat class, not the class with all the machines.  It turned out to be the perfect workout for the day I did it.  I had other things to do right after the class, so I didn’t want to be worn out or tired after, but I still wanted to feel like I got in a workout.  Pilates was perfect for that!  I definitely see how it can give you a long, lean body, as much of what you’re doing is stretching.  It’s all about controlled movements.  It wasn’t difficult, but it took some concentration, specifically on the left side of my body because I am right-handed.  I found it to be very relaxing, much like yoga, but more focused on specific muscle groups.  We used a “magic ring” that reminded me of a more modern thigh-master, but it worked great!  I would definitely consider adding pilates to my regular workout schedule for days when I want a workout, but don’t want to spend a lot of energy.

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