New Thing #25 – Nashville

Some of my best expereinces have been travelling, so when my best friend asked me if I wanted to meet her in Nashville for a weekend, of course I said yes!  I’ve driven through Nashville before, but I don’t really count it as having been there before (and since this is my list, I make the rules).  So exploring the city of Nashville is my 25th new thing.  We stayed right downtown and had a great time!  I did some of my best people-watching there – it’s a great town for that!  The crowds range from teens to septuagenarians, so it’s interesting to see all those people mixed together at the same bars.

The second notable thing about the city is that there is live music everywhere and always!  We went out for breakfast on a Sunday morning and there was a guy playing an accoustic set.  Mid-day meal?  Yep – there was a live band.  Walking down the street?  A guy was playing his guitar on a corner.  It’s really an awesome city if you love music!  And almost all of it that I heard was really good too!

Even though I’m not big into country music or it’s history, I did feel like I should do something as a tourist to learn more about what made Nashville so great.  We went and toured the Ryman Auditorium, which used to be the Grand Ole Opry House.  It seemed like a really great place to see a show as the accoustics sounded amazing!  It was also interesting to see all the history and past performers that have performed there.  I now understand why it is revered as one of the greatest stages for musicians to play.

I didn’t know that Vanderbuilt University is right in the heart of the city.  And it was beautiful seeing all the fall colors on the leaves.  I can imagine that it’s a great city to live in if you can get over the fact that everyone wears cowboy boots.  🙂

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