New Thing #26 – Pedal Tavern

As I stared out the window while sipping on my margarita, I saw a bunch of people sitting at a bar in the middle of the street.  And the bar was moving!  Turns out, it’s a pedal tavern!  It looks like a trolley car with bike seats and pedals on both sides and you can drink your heart out while pedaling all around town.

The one I went on was $30 to reserve your seat and you could bring your own drinks on board.  Then we made frequent stops at local bars along the way.  We stopped to drink at the bars, but also to rest our legs.  It was much harder than I thought it would be to pedal that thing around town.  There were a few of the seats over the wheels and the bench in the back that didn’t have pedals, so you were lucky if you got to sit in one of those seats.  It took some leg power to get the tavern moving, especially when going up a hill.  Even though my legs and butt were sore the next day, I really enjoyed the experience!  It was fun to meet the other people on the pedal tavern with us, and we also met a lot of people who were walking by, taking pictures, or asking questions about it.  It was certainly a unique way to see the city!  I’d recommend it!

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