New Thing #28 – Sponsor an Orphan

Everyone changes the channel when one of those “Sponsor a Child in Africa” commercials comes on, including me.  It could be because we feel guilt about not helping others in need.  It could be because the images make us sad.  I always want to help, but I’m skeptical about large organizations.  I question how much of my donation would actually go to help the children.  So I decided to donate to an organization that I know all of my donation will go to helping the children.  I know the people who run The Pines Orphanage in South Africa, a home for children who have been orphaned by HIV or AIDS.  Phil and Alana Carmichael and their children have been friends of my family since I was a child.  My parents have even visited the orphanage so I know the good that they are doing.

QueenThis is Queen (not her real name, but one her sister used to call her and she prefers to continue using it). She’s 13 and lives at The Pines. I’m very excited to be helping her.

If you would like more information on The Pines or want to sponsor a child, feel free to leave me a message or you can visit this site to donate any amount you can:

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