New Thing #29 – Miracle Berries

I read once about berries that change your taste buds to make sour things taste sweet, and since I heard about them, I’ve wanted to try them.  So I gathered a few friends and a lot of different foods and we magically transformed our taste buds!

It actually isn’t magic.  It’s really a protein the bonds to your taste buds.  And it doesn’t change the taste of everything; it just makes sour things taste sweet.  The berries themselves are small and resemble a cranberry, except that they are oval-shaped instead of round.  You are supposed to eat the flesh and skin of the fruit and swirl it around your mouth for a moment and then the effect lasts about an hour.  So I laid out an assortment of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, beverages, and other foods, and we started tasting them.

Fruit seemed to be the best.  You could suck on a lemon and it tasted like lemonade.  Limes tasted like candy.  I usually hate grapefruit, but it tasted pretty good.  Oranges and strawberries didn’t taste much different; they just tasted like the best orange or strawberry you’ve ever had in your life – all sweet and no sour!

Vegetables did not seem to be affected.  Even a tomato, which is quite acidic, did not taste different to me.

We also tried a few beverages: wine, beer, and some juices.  A nice wine just tasted like a cheap sweet wine.  Lemonade and cranberry juice were also both very sweet.  We had a few stouts that tasted really good with a sweetness that they don’t have usually.  I’d read a tip that mixing a stout with lemon sorbet would make a drink that tasted like a milkshake.  I didn’t think it tasted like a milkshake but it was good.  I might have to try that one time without the berries and see how it is.

Cheeses tasted much the same, but magnified.  The texture seemed creamier too, although I doubt that’s true.  It just seemed that way.  I also tried some hot sauce and that just tasted milder.  And we had some sour candies that tasted sweet as we expected.

It was a fun experience to share with my friends on a low-key evening.  But there are also many other interesting uses for these berries and products made from them.  For example, diabetics could use the berries to satisfy their sweet cravings.  Also, chemo patients report a metallic taste that the berries can help overcome.  You could use the berries to help a child’s medicine taste better or to spice up a diet.  Or you could play a practical joke on someone and trick them into eating the berry without knowing it and see how they react.  So many fun and worthwhile uses for miracle berries!  I recommend trying them!

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